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Do you have glamour?

Do you have absolute glamour?
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Im going to be ading some new things to our community, such as points, challenges and more! Please still apply as the changes will not all happen overnight! (unless i get bored haha)

So do you think you have what it takes to be called glamourous? See if you fit this:
glam·our also glam·or
1)An air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring.
2)Archaic. A magic spell; enchantment.

We aren't just any other rating community, we will be having active members and contests while having fun! We aren't total bitches unless you give us something to work with. Does the brutal truth bother you? If so, you might just want to leave now. If you think you can take it, put in an application. We would love to see what you have! Don't let this scare you-just be aware that we are not asking our members to give you nice and pretty rejections or criticism! Remember though, if you are accepted you get to do just the same! So why not try?!

Although, we would have loved to spell the community name "Absolute_Glamour" due to the fact it looks more glamourous than "Absolute_Glamor" but livejournal wouldn't let us use that many characters. So just be aware that "glamor" isn't a misspelling, it is the American English way and we did not just make a mistake.


My name is Ashleigh, and I live in sunny South Florida. Go ahead and add me as a friend if you want to read my personal journal, im not too picky about that!
Feel free to contact me any time you need to
~Aim= xLastshiningStar or Luckycharms16xo
~Email= Luckycharms2005@hotmail.com

Co-Moderator=riffkitty My name is Kathleen and I live in St. Louis. You can also add me if you see fit, I don't really care. ^_^;
Contact info:
AIM- riffkitty (if I'm not on-line for a long span of time it means I have a lot of work)

As soon as we get our star sytem up and running we will be having a member of the month. Duties will be posted shortly right here.

Please read these prior to putting your application in or else you will be rejected.
1) You must put in an application immediatly, if there is no application posted on the 4th day that you are a member, you WILL be banned.
2) Applications MUST be under a LJ cut. Dont know how to do this? check out the more info page.
3) Not stamped? Dont comment on anything besides your own application. PLEASE do not comment to every vote either, thats a pain in the ass.
4) Under 14? We wont accept you, please dont apply.
More information about our general rules. Please read if you have any doubts!

After being accepted, you will want to check back at these because the will be changed at our discretion.
1) Be active! This CAN NOT be expressed any more.
2) Give out constructive criticism.
3) When posting, please put "Stamped" in the subject. It just helps things flow alittle more smoothly
4) When voting, please put your vote in the subject, or bold it.
5) Vacation? Sure, we dont mind but remember to post an entry or let a mod know so we dont see you as inactive.
6) Speak your mind!
More information about our member's rules. Please read if you have any doubts!

1) Even if you are one of the 1st 10, you must put in an application!
2) Be patient.You will be stamped withing 3 days unless the mod feels more votes are needed.
3) Even if you are invited, you must fill out an application.
4) Use proper grammar.
5) Arguing is not accepted!
6) In your application, please choose a mood that starts with the letter "G" so we know you read the rules.
7) You may only comment on your application until you are accepted. Unless you are challenged then you must post 3 pictures (Please scroll down to read about the challenges)
8) Take time on your application.
9) No, you can not reapply if you are rejected!
10) No paintshopped pictures.
11) Bold Questions.
12)You must post pictures.
13)Your promotion links must be valid!
More information about our Applicant's rules. Please read if you have any doubts!

Here's the Application: 
 *General Info*
Name you prefer to be called:
Sexual preference:  
Type of music:
  *More information about you*
Any tattoos or piercing?
Career plans:
Other goals:
Are/were you involved in any extracurricular activities?
Do you smoke or drink?
If someone were to label you just from looking, what would they label you as?
Bands/music you REALLY don’t like:
  *Finish the sentence*
Let me tell you about:
What the:
He found:
She was in total:
No matter what you do there is absolutely:
Hold On:
What about the:
  *Other questions-please be unique!*
What is your opinion about sex:
What is in your CD player right now?
What is your most embarrassing moment?
What are a few of your pet peeves?
What are your major turn ons?
What are a few things you HATE?
99 red balloons:
Moose or Meese?
  *Anything else you want to tell us? (:*
What do you think of our newly elected president?
Where did you find us? Who's promotion did you see?
What will you bring to our community?
Where did you promote us (promote to three places)?

This is how you can earn stars (aka point). These stars will be counted at the end of the month and the member with the most will be the member of the month for the next month. This is something to look forward to for the member of the month has extra advantages (please see member of the month page to read what they are)

Post 2 Stars
Picture Post 5 Stars
Theme Post 30 Stars
Scavenger Hunt Post 10 Stars
Scavenger hunt winner 15 Stars
Challenge Winner 25 Stars
Referral 20 Stars
Link to a promo of OUR community 10 Stars
Complaint filed about you Lose 10 Stars
Unnecessary Actions (As seen by Mod and may be deemed as fit) Lose 15 stars
Promotion of community in ours Lose 5 Stars

You can see each member's stars here.

Challenges can be made by any member or any one who wishes to be a member.


Challenger must post 3 pictures behind a LJ Cut. The pictures can be of ANYTHING that is appropriate. And do not have to be taken by themselves.
The Challenger MUST use this format for the text of the cut "Challenge for LJ Username here"
The Name in the cut that is being challeged has 3 days to make a come back. They must post a comment to the challenge with any 3 pictures that they choose. They do not have to be the same type of pictures the challenger posted.
Once the comment is made, members must then comment to who has better pictures. Just a name is needed - nothing more please.
Who ever has the most votes in 4 days becomes the winner and wins 25 stars.
If it is a someone who wishes to be a member, they become accepted rather than wating for votes on their application.
Members may only challenge non-members if they have already put an application in.

Just like a normal scavenger hunt but with pictures! Im going to post a list of random items here and the first person to make a post with pictures of all the items wins 15 stars. All others who contribute with all the pictures or who are missing one or two will recieve 10 stars!
These pictures can be found on the internet or taken by yourself, just try to make them fun!




Code: *img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/xtornxxheartx/absoluteglamor.jpg"* Replace the * with < and >

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Pictures of you wearing pink or red.. since it is the month of love. :D

(click the links)